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Game freeze/crash...

I've asked for help, I've posted in the forum and can't seem to get an answer or fix!  The game screen freezes but I can hear the game continue until I lose the battle... or the game screen freezes and the only option is to close the game & restart after some amount of time!   Either way I lose the battle and 30+/- trophies!!

just about time to find a new game to waste my time on, maybe supported by a company that actually cares about fixing bugs!?  STILL haven't fixed the free chests & build boosts!

btw using a Dell laptop with Windows 10... 

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3 hours ago, WanderArnd said:

Juego congelado / bloqueo ...

¡He pedido ayuda, publiqué en el foro y parece que no puedo obtener una respuesta o una solución! La pantalla del juego se congela, pero puedo escuchar que el juego continúa hasta que pierdo la batalla ... o la pantalla del juego se congela, ¡y la única opción es cerrar el juego y reiniciar después de un período de tiempo! De cualquier manera pierdo la batalla y 30 +/- trofeos !!

¿Es casi el momento de encontrar un nuevo juego en el que perder el tiempo, tal vez con el apoyo de una empresa que realmente se preocupa por corregir errores? TODAVÍA no ha arreglado los cofres libres y aumenta la potencia!

por cierto usando una laptop Dell con Windows 10 ... 

It's easy that it's a problem with your laptop. It happens to me, but I control it because when I touch it and the laptop is burning on the bottom, I leave the game and after a while it is cold and I return to attacks. It is a heating overload. Let's say our laptops are not very good or our laptop fan does not work like new. With the desktop computer (the best there is), that does not happen. :)

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Posted (edited)

I am also experiencing some issues in playing this game on Windows 10 laptop.

 I am having a 4gb ram and 2gb vram(discrete graphics) . I think these specs should be more than sufficient to play this game.

My problems are

1. Game lags so much.

2. On intense battle the spell keys are not working.

3. Mouse key also stops and king automatically run towards the direction which was previously directed. He is not changing the course.

Although the game is not crashing but because of the above problems it is very difficult to play now.

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