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Upcoming version 1.3.0: Important changes to World Map and the Orb!

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The Dawn of Steel team is proud to announce the release of their biggest update so far which will hit the app store very soon.


One of the main parts of this update is a massive revision of the world map and the Orb interface. This was done to introduce new exciting features and to improve the player experience in general.

Here are some of the changes and enhancements that will come with the new world map:

  • General graphical overhaul: The new world map and Orb interface now look way cooler and less cluttered.
  • New Sector rules: Each sector now only houses one enemy instead of multiple ones. Once this enemy is defeated, you will be able to move on to the next sector. Clear every sector in a zone to unlock additional benefits.
  • New Sector types: We have added new sectors and changed the way some existing sectors work. For example, you are now able to collect resources from rewards sectors directly from the Orb, or defeat boss sectors to unlock new components and gain full access over a zone.
  • PvP arena: You have the chance to test your mettle against other human opponents in a special PvP arena.
  • Nyssa the Smuggler: Nyssa is a new character that you can find on Leviathan. With her help you will be able to sniff out hidden black markets that sell rare components for your rigs all over the planet.
  • Redesigned challenges: Challenges now reward you with high-value prizes and are tuned specifically for unique command ranks.


Please note that due to these changes and to be able to make all the above-mentioned enhancements available to you, it is unfortunately necessary to reset the progress of all players which they have made on the world map so far. As a consequence, everyone will start freshly on the new world map once the game is updated to the new version. Any other progress that you have made (built and upgraded structures, Command Rank, purchased and customized rigs plus upgrades and research done to them, component purchases, Influence purchases and rating) will remain intact. We would like to thank you in advance for your understanding on this matter.


The coming update will offer even more changes than the ones regarding the world map and Orb. We will keep you posted on the additional features and modifications here on the forums once the update has gone live in the next couple of days.


Also please don’t forget to give us your feedback once the new version is out.



The Dawn of Steel Team

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