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Royal Revolt 2 Ideas , Suggestion and Improvement List

Please check out the list of suggestions in the first post before replying: http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/5778-royal-revolt-2-ideas-suggestion-and-improvement-list/page-1#entry35091  

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  1. 1. Please check out the list of suggestions in the first post before replying: http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/5778-royal-revolt-2-ideas-suggestion-and-improvement-list/page-1#entry35091

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I have suggestion for war,war system has been same since long time.

To make it interesting flare can introduce two extra battles which would not be any player base but a design created by flare itself ,every player can play those two battles.

Given those two battles will judge how skilled a player is.thse two battles will similar to a pro league raid "no scrolls".the better raider u are the better skulls u can gain in those two battles.no cof should be involved in it.the combo should be based on the special war boosts.

And most important thing it will involve a new time factor.a threshold time can be set  ,if player completes that battle in less than that threshold time the player gets full skull.otherwise the skull count will be reduced.

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PLEASE make specific pal packs available, ...small alliances struggle to get beast's...by this I mean let us pick the pals we need, how many we need for a beast and a gem price to buy them...Kaiser x 10 = ... gems....I have 13 pals I have donated 177pals and are no where near getting a beast...and I know people will say just join a bigger alliance that already has beasts , I don't want to do that .....recruiting would be so much easier if small alliances had beasts to offer.. PLEASE BE FAIR TO ALL ALLIANCES 

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This suggestion is for the alliances, there should be an option for leaders and generals to know the daily alliance boost capacity by which it's easy to use alliance gold efficiently.

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Hi there. I’m not clear on what has recently changed with ninjas becoming harder to obtain. 80% of my team participates fully and yet it is not enough to obtain the defense ninjas. That effort used to be enough. Between always trying to fill the last 20% of the team and out of 40+ people there is always someone on vacation, out sick, etc. it is difficult to do better than 80% participation. Morale is low and this issue is causing the game to feel stressful instead of rewarding. We play this game to have fun and when the goal line is out of reach for months at a time, it no longer makes the game fun. It is also unclear why the goal line is now further away... is it because we upgraded the alliance or something else? Is there any chance this goal can be more obtainable?

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6 hours ago, Jishan04 said:

Plz add option to change ign  by using gems for once or twice

You can already change your IGN once for free.

6 hours ago, Jishan04 said:

Add an option in dungeon and ninja events  to access pals.

What are you asking? You can of course use your pals in dungeons and Ninja event too...

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Give me like 20 min or more I will update the list I have do in page 13 and make a new list for March. A lot of stuff to check to be update lol

(March 2018)


- Melt Button (added in 3.8.0)

- Fuse Items

- Unequip scrolls

- More Advanced customization : More hairstyle,colors of items,more detailed customization of the Hero ( a little more was added in 3.8.0 but its not really huge)

- Possibility to spend pro crystal to upgrade Uber items in Pro items

- Possibility to use Range Weapon : Bow,Crossbow,Ninja Stars,etc..


- A option to turn On/Off animation like Dragon or Pyromancer Fire attack or anything else ( For limited device)

- Better destruction of the Gate. More interaction with the gate

- Add a rpg style in raid. Like a % of drop for enemy and Beast to find items,Uber Items,gold,Food,voucher,etc..

- Preset A,B,C,D,E for troops,spells and scrolls (added in new update 3.9.0)

- Preset to change stuffs during Matchmaker  (Added in new update 3.9.0)

- Increase the number of Favorite list at 50

- Option to put Pal On/OFF

- Better overview of the map : Add a mini map or make the top bar more detailed : defense tower location,enemy, etc..

- Better overview of the battle logs : Where the hero is dead show a green dot. Where the player use scrolls white dot on your defense map,etc..My idea from Olympus Rising

- No more bully allowed : Change the 3 attack per hour by 3 attack max at least by 6 hours. to change 72 attack on the same player per day by 6 attacks per day


- Collective button for Foods and Gold (added in new update 3.9.0)

- New landscape (added in 3.8.0 with the Pro landscape)

- Better way to use worker. For extra Gold,reduce time for building,etc..

- Overview of the forge list

- Better COF design. Like able to open 3 chest on 6 each raid. Maybe with key systems. 1 crown = 1 key. You can open them all for a cost of gems

- Pal Hut : A place where you can see all your pals and feed them,buy pals foods,etc.



- Better Matchmaking

- Total rebuild of the Wars style Risk :


- New trap (Mines,Cages)

- Lightning Tower add a 4 Charge

- New design for Arrow Tower. totally useless

- Electric Fence Tower : you need 2 of them to create a electric barrier

- Preset A,B and C


- Able to Send and give gift to a friend (Abuse of multi account)

- New interface for troops and forge

- Market (Will hurt Flare income)

- New elements : Dark and Light

- Global Chat

- More color for sets

- New Quests for gems and voucher

- Better Bar for the pets

- Better camera angle for IOS,iphone,Android and Windows Phone

- Video to reduce forge cooldown

- Resistance in Lightning in Armor or Pauldron or anything else

- Make Medal and Farmer work in dungeon

- Video ads for reduce digging time

- Better background overview in Hero Stats

- Tag @ someone in the chat 

 - Keep chat text for 24-48 hours

- Up the rewards in quest : 5 vouchers or 5 gems or quest at 20 gems like 50,000 X units or spells is ridiculous. Up this number like Olympus Rising at 100,200 and 500 gems

- When you forge a items the pearls number should up each time your forge : By example you receive a Uber items at 40 pearls you forge it at +50 the number of pearls value should be at 200+ after the forge. Like +3 pearls by forge


- Better donation cooldown at the same time like Daily Chest

- New criteria for Leader and General

- Overview of a player info

- Tracking Alliance Gold Donation

- Add the name of the one who spend Alliance Gold for Elite Boost

- Make the sentence more longer and keep all the sentence writing in the chat for 24 hours to allow everyone to read it

- Add info on time connection of the player for better tracking activity. By example : Connected 2 minutes ago or 5 days ago. Useful for leader

(Windows User)

- Support for Gamepad

- Able to customize keyboard shortcut (too much complex for developer)


- Fix crash in dungeon

- Fix Blacksmith melt bugs


- Buff the damage for Hammerstrike (Version 3.7.0 with level 21)

- Maybe new spells can be welcome (Version 3.7.0 add Pal Flute)


- New balance and maybe new redesign for Paladin (added in 3.8.0 with Pro Boost : Unholy Paladin)

- New balance for Froster. Remove Resistance and add Range forge

- New units like Druid or Demon (Version 3.7.0 add Viking)

- If its possible in this game to add a second attack for troops

- a Thunder Units unlockable via Dungeon

- a feature to allow to tell to the troops ''Hold ON'' to follow the king and ''Free'' for let's the troops do what they want. In others word a feature who allow to give order to the troops


- New Towers (Version 3.7.0 Basilisk Tower)


- add a function to reset Pal treats. Like for 50 gems you reset all your Pal treats and can redistribuate on others pal


- Add their Flag nationality

- Add feature to help new players and low players to help them to involve fast in the game. Like Auto Gold Shield or Reduce maybe the time needed for upgrade,etc...


Some suggestion I have make



Black = Not in game

Orange = in game now with server update or version update

Red = Really wanted feature by the community of players

Purple = to forgotten. Flare will not do it

PS : I have also edited and updated my previous list in Page 10 and 12




Edited by Warriornator

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I gave a suggestion for the Lightning Barrier a while back, where you have two poles you place on either side of a tile and they create the barrier. I still think this would be an effective trap. It could be hidden like the Jester Box or like the Tesla from CoC

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