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Dawn of Steel Version 1.4 Release Notes

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Hey everyone,


We are glad to announce that version 1.4 of Dawn of Steel has been released on iOS today. Please check the change notes below for a detailed list of changes and improvements:


The new Loadout UI:

  • The biggest change for this release is the new loadout UI for equipping and buying items for your Rigs. We underwent a totally new direction and implementation to make it easier to see what items are available for each Rig and to make the statistics and benefits for each item easier to understand when comparing.

  • You can now sell items to clear out your inventory if you want to keep things nice and tidy.

  • Black market items now show in the purchase section of the loadout.


Hangar Menu Available in the Orb:

  • We’ve made the Hangar available within the Orb via the Rig Status button in the lower right (above the return to home button). Now you can initiate repairs and even change Rig loadouts right from the Orb with no need to return to your base.


Matchmaking improvements:

  • We’ve made a number of improvements to matchmaking to better balance the number of attacks against players and how often one player might be able to be attacked by another. There are also improvements to better address Rating being awarded in the right scenarios.


General Balance Notes:

  • Resource collectors have higher capacities up to CR12 / v.5. This should allow for better ability to repair after a total loss.

  • Big Fix: Being invaded should no longer ever result in having zero resources. Invasions are now taking resources stolen from collectors out of the collector instead of the player’s collected resources.

  • Orb threat attacks have been balanced to better ensure against too many threats against sectors.

  • Decoy Rig has more health at each upgrade level.

  • Speed Boost has +2 speed added to all levels, making each faster.

  • Core I’s research upgrade time has been fixed to be more inline with other research upgrades.

  • The Drone Rig has new items for Ability and Frame slots, both in the store and in the Black Market.

  • Multiplayer Arena now has a Battlepoint bonus on earned Battlepoints even if no zone is controlled, as was intended.

  • A number of NPC bases have been altered or improved to be a better match for their Command Rank.

  • Many other small balance changes on items.


We would like to expressly thank you all for your bug reports, detailed feedback and suggestions. We read everything, and your comments, ideas and reports really have a big influence on the further development of our game. We promise to continue improving the game's quality for a better playing experience.

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