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Dawn of Steel Version 1.5.0 Release Notes

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Hey everyone,


Call up the Reserves! Dawn of Steel version 1.5 has just hit the store. Be sure to get it now…


Here are the main additions and changes in a nutshell:


  • Reserve squads for battles: To make cracking tough, high-ranking bases a bit easier, your deploy ship now allows you to hold two groups of Rigs for battle. The first group is your primary Assault squad, same as always. The new, second group is your Reserve squad. As Rigs from your Assault group start to fall in battle, you can call in Reserves during combat to help you finish the fight.To call on Reserves, just tap on the glowing Rig icons in the lower left-hand corner after any one of your Rigs gets taken out, and then deploy them anywhere near that fallen Rig. Note: Reserves are available to anyone at Command Rank 20 or higher with a level 4 Hangar.
  • More Command Ranks: We have increased the Command Rank cap from 19 to 25. This also means new rig components and structure upgrades.
  • Record and share your battles: Dawn of Steel now supports iOS 9 and its ReplayKit feature which always you to record videos of your battles with optional voice commentary and upload them for everyone to see. ReplayKit is supported by the following devices: iPhone 5s and above, iPad Mini 2 and above, and iPad Air and above.
  • Balance Changes:

- Clustered Bases: We have noticed that one dominant defensive strategy has taken over from about CR12 and above: building a tightly packed base in the corner of a map. The frequency of this style of defense has become too high and so we have made some changes to dial back the effectiveness of this strategy:AoE Weapons and Abilities become more effective against clustering. This includes all forms of AoE style missiles (from the Missile Rig’s AoE Missiles research), all forms of Laser Rig AoE laser components (from the Laser Rig’s AoE Tech research), the few Dash Rig AoE ability components, and Rocket Launchers. In general, these will be more effective against defensive structures that are a ) placed next to another structure wall, b ) one unit away from a structure or wall, or c ) in the case of only a few special components, two units away from another structure or wall.

Clustering defenses is still meant to be effective and will be, just much less effective when everything is clustered tightly. The intent is to give more value in figuring out other means of an effective base defense strategy.  

- Plasma Repair Costs: Plasma Repair costs have been decreased across the board starting at Rig Level 3. 

- Rig Level Up Costs: The cost to level-up a Rig has been evened out to be the same on all Rigs. Higher costs on some were giving the impression that some Rigs were better than others, which was not intended. Each Rig should be viable when used tactically to its strengths.

- Laser Rig: The Laser Rig’s damage has been refactored to be more in-line with what it was originally meant to have. There were specific components that were making the Laser Rig too powerful, and that wasn’t intended. In addition, more damage is coming from better components themselves rather than the base ability of the Rig, making upgrades more powerful. 

- Shield Rig: The Shield Rig has proved to be very popular in the game, which is great! We have gotten some feedback that maybe it’s a little too powerful, which isn’t so great. The Shield Rig’s shield and items that modify it have had the bonus to Shield Decay reduced (this made the Shield Decay very slowly over time), as it was too easy to keep multiple shields going on multiple Rigs for too long. This should make it more balanced in its intended use: some (not total) protection from defenses within its range. Shields that give good bonuses should still be very good in mitigating damage, just not doing it so easily.

- Spawners: Tank and Drone Spawners had their increase in wave size reduced starting at v.3. The increase was happening too soon and making those longer, decided-in-the-last-15 seconds type battles that we love to see, less likely from happening. We all like those battles, and large Spawner waves were too powerful to allow that to happen very often. 

- Tanks: Tanks from Tank Spawners had their AoE Damage reduced at the edge of their Area of Effect. So standing right where a Tank is shooting will cause 100% damage while standing on the edge of its blast radius will cause half of that. This should reduce the penalty for components that have movement speed decreases (in exchange for more power, usually) to be more reasonable.

- Battle Point Caps and Cost: Both have been increased starting at Command Ship v.3. Some of the most unique purple-colored components were showing up too often on players because of the lower caps. We’d rather see less of these unique components by making them take more effort to earn than to make them less effective (and perhaps disappointing) because so many players have them. There are still purple components that are intended to be less rare (these usually provide a strategic bonus that isn’t just a boost in power), and those weren’t affected much.


  • Additional Language Support: The game now also supports the following languages: French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia, and Bahasa Malaysia


We hope that you enjoy the new update. Once again, we would like to expressly thank you all for your bug reports, detailed feedback and suggestions we received so far. We read everything, and your comments, ideas and reports really have a big influence on the further development of our game. We promise to continue improving the game's quality for a better playing experience.

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