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Dawn of Steel Version 1.5.6 Change Notes

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Hello Commanders!


We recently received a system update. Please take a look at the key updates and changes below!


Bug Fixes

  • Addressed cost inconsistences with research abilities 
  • Ability to place structures into cliffs have been removed 
  • Players that reached Command Rank 25 had a number of zones unlocked on the back of the world. If you find these new zones unlocked, please contact our friendly Customer Service team so we can fix it ASAP!


Balance changes

  • Increased the speed of spawned drones at higher levels
  • Shield Rig abilities align with players Command Rank/Slot level
  • Improved Damage Over Time for Charge Cannon v.4
  • Decoy Rig now has improved health at higher levels
  • Increased the number of buildable walls for new players    
  • Reduce the cost of some Rig items
  • Refactored the cool down period of some Rail guns


Performance Optimizations 

  • Connection/loading issues  


New Items & Abilities

  • Items for Drone Rigs added
  • New core research abilities for Dash Rigs added

You can contact the Customer Service directly from the game: Go to the settings, then click on Technical Support.

You can also contact it from here.


As always, thank you, and see you on the battlefield!!!

Good luck, Commanders!


Your Dawn of Steel Team

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