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Balancing Change Notes for Version 1.6.1

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Be sure to prepare your forces for the all new balancing changes effective with version 1.6.1!



Rig survivability: 

  • Health differences between the toughest and weakest Rigs were lessened and all were escalated to provide more survivability later in the game.
  • Frame Components were given a hearty boost and the range of health they provide has been increased. Choosing between armor-enabled frames and health boosting ones should now be more competitive. 
  • As a result, some core components were buffed in health, ability range dropped slightly to compensate.


Dash Rig:

  • Too encourage the usage of Dash Rigs at higher Command Ranks, we have increased the Rig’s health significantly. 
  • Previously, the Dash Rig’s Dash ability was triggering Spawners with its Dash attack, reducing its use of first strike to open assaults and take on defenses. This has been removed. 


Shield Rig:

  • The Shield Rig’s Ability components will now show Shield Decay and Shield Decay Delay. To avoid any confusion, let us give you a short explanation:
    • Shield Decay is how long it takes the Shield Rig’s Shield to decay from maximum strength down to zero. 
    • Shield Decay Delay is the delay before that decay down to zero begins to happen.
  • In order to provide additional choices, more stats were moved onto the Shield Rig’s Ability components from the base Shield Rig. This makes a bigger difference at higher Rig Levels than lower ones. 
  • The Shield Rig’s Shield will have a faster decay to address some issues with some components. 


Tank Spawners:

  • Spawning range was decreased slightly to reduce the ability to cover single map entrances, as well as hide deep in the back of bases. 
  • Tank spawn wave sizes won’t increase in size as often at higher levels. 


Missile Turret:

  • The Missile Turret was getting too many easy shots where just crossing its range meant unavoidable hits from a few missiles. There is now a small delay before the first missile volley will fire, lessening the issue. There is no delay between successive missile volleys, so it won’t help Rigs sitting within the weapon range.



  • The health of walls doesn’t scale up quite as high to help balance out AoE / Non-AoE damage against them. High damaging abilities should be more effective to lessen the gap of how much worse they were against walls. 



  • By popular demand: Disruptor disable times have been toned down and don’t scale as high on upgraded versions. 


Rocket Launchers: 

  • Rocket Launchers have been given a boost to walls. The basic Rocket Launcher now does double damage to walls, and the WallBuster and The Breacher have bigger AoE radius and critical damage against walls. Rocket Launchers should be very viable to crack toughly walled-off bases.



Please check this link for detailed change notes on new features introduced with this version.


Once again, we would like to thank you all for your continued feedback on the game and its balancing.

We hope that will you enjoy the new update...


The Dawn of Steel Team

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