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Dawn of Steel Version 1.6.1. Change Notes

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Prep your Rigs and dash into new battles!


This week, we released an update to Dawn of Steel that we’re especially excited about because it includes the first of several new Alliance features. “Alliances” is a collection of features that, when all have been released, will pit teams of players against each for domination of Leviathan, encourage cooperative play within these teams, and provide channels for people to chat and compare stats with each other. In other words, it’ll make the world of Dawn of Steel feel alive with activity and competitive pressures.


  • Alliances - If you’re Command Rank 3 or higher, you can create your own Alliance of up to 25 players in the game. As a leader of an Alliance, you can set the requirements of that Alliance, including whether it’s public or invite-only, the minimum Rating required for members to join, and the region of the world you want to tie your Alliance to. You can also customize the insignia of your Alliance, though we randomize one for you if you’re not the creative type. And once you’re in an Alliance, you can invite others to join directly (assuming you know their in-game player name). You can also search for an Alliance to join along the same criteria mentioned above if you don’t want to create one your own. And to make it easier on you, we show you a number of recommended Alliances when you first open the Alliance menu.


Please note that more Alliance features, including co-op and competitive events, will be rolling out very soon!


  • Global and Alliance Chat – You can now chat with your fellow Dawn of Steel players! We have two active channels right now. The first is global chat, which is open to anyone playing the game from anywhere in the world. The second is your Alliance chat, which is restricted to members of your Alliance. We’ll be adding more channels with specific topics to keep conversations focused in the future.


  •  Leaderboards – Finally, this update introduces leaderboards. Curious to see who the top players are in the world? Now you can find out, and aspire to take your place among the best! We sort leaderboards by Alliance (globally and by region), individual players, and Game Center friends. 


  • Base Layout Switcher – We have added the option to switch to a different base layout if you feel yours is at a disadvantage, or if you just want a change of scenery. The map switcher is accessible from the settings menu. 


  •  Music and Sound Volume Controls – You can now control the volume of in-game sound and music in the settings menu


  • Improved PvP – We now swap out PvP opponents in your Arena for new ones if they’ve been on there for too long.


  • A small Thank You! – We added a free custom skin for the Missile Rig for anyone who was playing the game before v.1.5.0 as our way of saying “thank you” for your continued support.


  • Balancing Changes – We have carried out a number of balancing changes coming up with a server update very soon. Please see a detailed list of changes here.


We can’t wait to roll out additional Alliances features to you in the coming months. In the meantime, please send us and all feedback you have about our latest release, and about Dawn of Steel in general.


From everyone on the dev team, thank you for playing!

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