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Guideline on reporting bugs or errors

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Dear Dear of Steel Community,

in order to help us cleaning out those nasty bugs, please provide us with the following when you are submitting a bug report:

- Please try to give as many details on the issue at hand as possible

  (f.e. what exactly happened to you; (since) when did this happen; does it happen once, each time or randomly; what did you before the issue occured; what is the aftermath).

- If you can name exact steps to reproduce this issue, please let us know.

- If an error message occured, let us exactly know what it says.

- You are always welcome to attach a screenshot if you think that this might be of help.

- In most cases, we need your exact user name in the game to investigate the issue further.
- In any case, please let us know the exact device and OS you are playing on.

Before posting a bug, please browse the forums or use the search function to check if this issue has been reported before. If so, please use this already existing thread and add your information.
Please refrain from posting a non-related issue in threads of other players.

Do not report account losses or payment issues here. For these cases, please visit our Customer Care web form at http://feedback.flaregames.com.

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The main issue im having with the game is when i click on my robots loadout i cant see the statistics at all please help. Running iphone 4s 32 gig on ios 7.1.2.

The photo i have provided shows exactly how it looks in loadout

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Hello Demoneyes,


we are sorry to hear abour your issue and we would like to thank you for your report.


Our team is already aware of this and are working on fixing this as soon as possible.


Whenever you have another feedback for us, you are welcome to create a separate thread for it here on the forums.


Thank you :)

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