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Dawn of Steel Version 1.7.0. Change Notes

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Hello everyone,


We have just released Dawn of Steel version 1.7.0 - and with it comes some new content!


  • We’re excited to unveil the Rail Tower base defense to the world of Leviathan. This powerful turret excels at picking off Rigs from a distance, and is especially effective against shielded targets. Its shots can pierce Rigs and deal pass-through damage, though its slow rate-of-fire makes it weak against drones. It can also shoot over walls. The Rail Tower can be built at Command Rank 9.
    • The Rail Tower has a large build footprint where walls and other structures cannot be built. As such, it is best in spread out clusters with accompanying defenses rather than completely enclosed within a base.
    • The Rail Tower has a minimum range equal to that build foot print, where any enemies within that minimum range cannot be fired upon by that Rail Tower. 
    • The Rail Tower exceeds against any Rig with a shield on it, as it does extra damage to shields. 
    • The Rail Tower also does well against higher health Rigs with its rapid shots once the target is acquired. 
    • Due to its high damage per shot and slow time to acquire, the Rail Tower is weak to Drone Rig drones as well as Dash attacks. 

  •  For those of you who haven’t unlocked the Drone and Dash Rigs yet, we’ve added new Challenges that do a better job of introducing you to their unique abilities.
  • We also added several minor tweaks to the Alliances feature, including the ability to reply directly to someone in chat; to share replays with your Alliance members; to test your Alliance members’ base defenses; and an indicator that shows you when each of your Alliance members was last online.
  • The Command Log in your ORB now shows you how many times you’ve been scouted by an enemy who chose not to attack you. And for you iPad Pro users, we made an optimization to the turrets’ line-of-sight indicator.


  • Here is a list of balancing changes introduced with this update:
  • MG Turrets have crits starting at V.4 to help reduce the desire to stand to tank them (Note: This information was left out of the descriptions but will be added next release.) V.4 and V.5 have a 10% chance to crit, and V.6 and higher 15% chance. 
    • This was done to make the MG Turret more in line in damage with the Wedge Gun and the Rail Tower. It has been difficult to balance because the Wedge Gun is so lethal to Drone Rig drones that if the MG Turret was also good against them, the Drone Rig would have no place. The Drone Rig has an excellent place against the Rail Tower now, so the MG Turret can be average against drones now. 
    • This will be a noticeable shift if you've been used to ignoring one or two MG turrets with your Rigs while going after other targets. 
  • Drones from V.4 and onward received a damage boost and a little extra health. 
    • This was done to level out their viability against the abundance of anti-vehicle weapons and armor. 
    • The intent was to make them last somewhat longer and pose a threat.
  • Multi Target Shield Components got an increase in cooldown to compensate for how they allowed long-range sniping.
    • This was done to balance out the viability of keeping all three Rigs shielded nearly the entire time with cooldown bonuses on Cores and such. 
    • Since the Quickdraw Multi-shield had a cooldown bonus specifically, the third shield target was removed at higher versions. It is quite viable to keep a shield on two Rigs continuously with this item. 
  • Missile Turrets now fire six missiles a volley instead of four. The previous reduction, intended to reduce “sniping” in and out of range, caused sustained fire damage to be too low. Instead, a delay was added to prevent sniping and the volleys returned to six. 
  • Artillery v.2 and above nudged up in damage just a little bit due to higher health rigs. 
  • Defensive Influence Operation
    • In order to provide a long lasting method to boost defensive rewards, a new defensive Influence operation as been swapped in place of the second assault influence operation boost. 
    • This is a long lasting boost to inf earned from base defenses. 
    • The assault operation no longer contributes to defenses. 
  • Battle Points changed in how they are earned
    • Previous Battle Points had a multiplier to earn more on successful ability usage. This didn’t work well with the Shield Rig and thus was a bit unfair. 
    • Battle Points are now wholly earned by destroying enemy structures and vehicles, no matter which Rig destroyed it or how it was destroyed. 
  • Some new Command Rank 27 bots were added for challenge. They are tough! 


Update: We have reduced the Plasma repair cost for level 13 Laser and Shield Rigs based on your feedback.



Once again, we would like to thank you all for your continued feedback on the game and its balancing.

We hope that will you enjoy the new update...

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