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Feature Preview: New Rig Repair System

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Hello Commanders,


We have listened to your feedback regarding Rig repair costs and decided to upgrade the power of your Rigs to a new level!


The upcoming version of the game will introduce Power Cells as new means of repair. As a consequence, no more plasma is required to repair your Rigs – which allows you to save the precious resource for other matters. This new mechanic will significantly improve the way Rig repairs work and will enable you to jump into battles again with full force way faster.


Here is how the Power Cells system will work in a nutshell:

  • A Power Cell represents the energy that it takes to power a Rig for combat. Each time you take a Rig into battle, a Power Cell will be depleted, no matter the result of the battle.
  • You can acquire multiple Power Cells for one Rig. You will be able to take any Rig into combat as long as you have at least one charged Power Cell for this specific Rig.
  • If you do not have a charged Power Cell for the Rig you try to take into combat, you will be noted that you need additional Power Cells or have to wait until a Power Cell has finished recharging. At that point, you will also have the opportunity to acquire further Power Cells.
  • A depleted Power Cell will begin auto-charging once it has been depleted. As soon as charging is finished, the full Power Cell can be used again.
  • Note that only one Power Cell per Rig can be recharged at a time. The charging process cannot be skipped and is depicted as in-game timer.
  • The charging of one Rig’s Power Cells does not interfere with that of other Rigs. This means that charging Power Cells for different Rigs will happen simultaneously.

We will have more detailed information about this feature ready for you as soon as the new version is rolling out.


We hope that you will enjoy the upcoming improvements and are awaiting your feedback.


Your Dawn of Steel Team

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