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Dawn of Steel Version 1.8.0. Change Notes

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Hello Commanders,


We have just released Dawn of Steel version 1.8.0.

Please find all changes below:


  • Power Cells are here! Repair is gone. 

    • The ability to take your rigs into battle no longer requires Plasma. 

    • Power Cells must be used to take Rigs into battle. Rigs regenerate their own Power Cells over time, and additional Power Cells can by purchased with Influence when Rigs don’t have charged Power Cells available. 

    • This was a pretty major decision based on lots of feedback on how players want to play the game as well as plans for upcoming features where repair times didn’t fit in well with what we wanted to do. 

    • In general, there will be more attacks game-wide, which is good. As a consequence, we had to pull some resources and rebalance some elements (like resource loot) in order for Power Cells to work and not alter other aspects of the game. This re-balance might not be perfect on first try, but we’ll do our best to make it right based on your feedback. 

    • Rigs no longer retain damage from the previous combat. This should help equalize some of the advantages of defensive buffs and the Shield Rig to be more fair since those choices no longer hit ones economy. 

    • Please keep the feedback coming on the forums with Power Cells. We think it fits the game to a better degree with how we want players to play as well as how players have requested to be able to play, but we’re open to feedback and suggestion. 


  • New Disrupt Ability! Available in the Combat Support Center. 

    • Disables the defenses within its radius for the duration of the power. 

    • Upgrades alternate between longer duration and bigger radius.


  • New Defense option — the Beam Bender!

    • It redirects the Charge Cannon’s beam to another direction. 

    • Multiple Beam Benders stack the redirections. 

    • Has multiple upgrades that increase the damage. 


  • Command Rank Cap raised to 30!

    • New upgrades and items available

    • Another reserve slot opens with the Command Ship upgrade at CR30


  • Sectors now time out and need to be re-scanned. 

    • This is a change primarily to help with matchmaking, as the game can find better matches on scan. 

    • As a bonus, scanning sectors will now have a small chance to reveal Power Cells or Influence as a reward. 


  • Support Abilities in general have had their credit cost reduced to balance with less loot and be more feasible when playing multiple combats in a row due to Power Cells. 


  • The Shield Rig has some new Frame items at higher Command Ranks that offer specific armor types to help with countering bases. 


  • Some AoE Missiles do a little less AoE Damage due to their Ability Damage Bonus no longer being applied to the AoE Damage as well. 


  • Many weapon items have had damage adjustments to fit in with their intentions. There were a few that were too high and a few that were too low, but in general the change was to make them fit to their position in progression and cost. 


Once again, we would like to thank you all for your continued feedback on the game and its balancing.


We hope that will you enjoy the new update..

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