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DARKSOULALLIANCE looking for loyal players

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DARKSOULALLIANCE is now looking for dedicated loyal and active players for the future of the alliance. We are LEVEL 33, have 35% gold bonus and have Knight, Archer and Barricade as permanent 24/7 boosts and will soon add another as soon as we can afford. During war we also boost archer and sometimes additional boosts per request from members. 


Our requirements:

1. King level 70+

2. Daily donation of 100K

3. Active participation in wars and able to get ~3000 skulls in each war. Or willing to do 8/8

4. Able to understand and chat in English or German

We are very strict with war participation and donations and will kick members who miss wars or do less than 3 wars without informing generals. Otherwise we are a very fun friendly alliance to be a part of so come join us.
Apply in game or post your IGN below.


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